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Empowering Independence: How VitalCaring Supports Seniors in Living Their Best Lives

February marks National Senior Independence Month, a time to celebrate the resilience, wisdom, and contributions of older adults. At VitalCaring Group, we recognize the importance of fostering independence and dignity for seniors, empowering them to live fulfilling lives on their own terms. For many seniors, maintaining independence is paramount. It’s about retaining control over their […]

The Importance of Physical Therapy for Older Adults: Enhancing Mobility and Quality of Life

As we age, it’s not uncommon to experience a change in our physical strength and mobility. Daily activities, such as standing, walking, and reaching for objects, can become more difficult. However, physical therapy plays a pivotal role in addressing these challenges and helping older adults maintain their independence and quality of life. One of VitalCaring’s […]

Living Well with Diabetes

1 in 4 Americans 65 and older have Diabetes. People with diabetes are shown to have more medications, medical complications, hospital stays and need more clinical visits than those without diabetes.   Living with diabetes can be both challenging and overwhelming especially when you don’t know the best ways to manage your illness. Home health […]

Work-Life Balance and Fulfillment in Home-Based Nursing at VitalCaring

It is a prevailing belief that nursing careers come with heavy workloads, inflexibility, and a lack of work-life balance, but an alternate reality exists for those seeking a fulfilling nursing career. Home-based nursing offers the perfect solution – a career that provides both compassionate care and work-life balance. Afterall, we believe the heart is in […]

Home Care Industry Veteran Tracey Kruse Martin Joins VitalCaring Board

Long-time industry veteran Tracey Kruse Martin has joined the Board of Directors for VitalCaring.  Martin previously served as the chief operating officer for Encompass Home Health and Hospice and was part of the leadership team for the organization for more than 20 years.  She successfully led Encompass through a period of dramatic growth from less […]